This page is actually a personal blog, because I post write ups based on how or what I feel. Well mostly are about Love. This may be personal but I’d love to share to you everything about my pain, heartache or whatever bitterness I feel inside because I am here to express and this is my only way to express what I actually feel,  that I’m afraid to show in the real world.

About the Author:

I love to take photographs because I believe capturing moments are priceless. I love to write as well, that’s why I made a blog site. I am also a content writer of Optixor.Inc, under that I manage their website Reporter.Ph, I wrote articles at FAQ and Business Tips as well.

Aside from writing blogs, I also write screenplays and script for Films. In fact, I do film as well. It feels good once you see the script and screenplay you wrote in motion. I feel very happy and proud of myself. When you know it’s your passion, you’ll surely enjoy everything no matter how tiring it is.

I’m a full time content marketer at Optixor (If you want your business to be advertise online you may also contact us and if you want to make a website for your business feel free to contact us ) and on weekdays I do my other passion like Photography and Filming. It’s Fun. I’m an adventurous person as well. I’d love to do new things with friends.

Well, that’s it for now. You’ll know more about me in the future!

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God bless Readers! 🙂