To the people who always put others before themselves

She has two names- brawny and puny; she has two sides- strong and weak.

She is strong and fierce on the outside, yet dying inside. She’s not the type of person who would tell you everything, because she doesn’t want everyone to feel pity for her. You might see her in silence but she’s shouting in pain inside. Her smiles hide the most painful curves, her cheerful eyes put off every weep she feel inside, and her laugh conceal every sob she doesn’t want everyone to hear.

She is a giver, a provider of the people she treasures the most. She always thinks of others before herself. And that’s the problem of putting others first, because you’ve taught them that you come second.

She is a special type of person. She’s able to put her needs and wants behind; for the sake of the people she loves. However, even though there are times when she feels like all her hard works, sacrifices, and selflessness go unrecognized, she doesn’t mind. Because all she ever wants is to see the people in her life happy, but her happiness is important too.

The starting point for all happiness is shifting the focus away from herself to other people. She is willing to sacrifice her own happiness just to help her love ones, because love is putting someone else’s needs before her.

She stays in silence instead of ranting how tired she is, because she doesn’t want everyone to see her in pain. She is good at hiding her emotions. And when she feels like she can no longer handle it, she’s quietly bursting the entire ache alone.

She is a strong woman who is able to smile in the morning like she wasn’t crying last night. She is fierce, strong, and full of fire. That she could not even hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears. She can’t leave them behind and so she keeps on holding on.

You might see her easy going, but you don’t know she’s walking on a rough road with barefoot. She may look fierce but actually she’s a cry baby. You only know her as brawny but you don’t her as puny. You might see her strong on the outside but you don’t know her struggles inside.

Yet she remain unspoken because she knows she can, and she won’t ask for anything to other people as long she can still handle everything in her hands. Isn’t she tough?

Well she may be tired, but she’s not giving up. She doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy, because she thinks she’s brave enough to face everything with his (God) guidance.


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