Against all odds

At some point, when two people enter into a relationship they will always find folks opposed to it. I’m talking about friends, family or anyone around you just disliking your partner over something trivial. Now ask me, how does it feel when you’re dating someone whom all the people on earth despise and think he is toxic? Well, I honestly feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just think of it, after a long and difficult period of finding “the one” who would though that I’ll fall for someone I didn’t expect to. And it’s kind’a funny how my first is against all odds.

Love is a beautiful feeling in which no one should oppose. I should be happy but how can I be happy if there’s a sad part of me, thinking about those people I treasure the most yet against our relationship? Tell me how can I be happy if they are not happy for me?

I didn’t choose whom to fall in love with, my heart does. Now tell me, was it wrong to feel that way? When did love become so wrong?  Was it falling for someone who had a terrible past with someone else? If “you” or should I say “they” never have luck in love, one must accept it but does not mean everyone will go wrong. I will not say, you have to understand me because I have nothing to explain to all of you.

I didn’t choose “Love over friendship” or “Love over family”, because I believe there are no choices between them. However, I chose to love myself and free myself from that caged where the opinion of other people always matter.  I don’t want to be locked in that cage again.

It makes no sense trying to separate those who truly love each other; it’s just a waste of time as they continue to love. Many might say “there is no forever”, I’d like to reply you with a brighter smile on my face and say “Yes I know. You no longer have to remind me.”

I know that “goodbyes” really do exist, but every ending has a new beginning and only acceptance is the key to move on.  (And I am surely prepared for that :P)

Thus, if the two are eager to be happy without listening to the people who want to separate them, well, it’s their decision and no one has to say the contrary. Why not just be happy and find your own happiness.



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