Bitter Sweet Love

Firsts would always be superb and endings would often be heart-rending. Isn’t it ironic? How you first said “Hi” and I said “Hello” ended up to a moment of silence.

No more “goodbyes” but you hanged me up to the possibility that you and I could have a happy ending.

It was like falling off from a building then suddenly …

“Bang!” you hit the button.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly your mood can change?

How those sweet messages turned out to bitterness.

I wonder…

was it always something like this? You’ll feel a moment of gladness followed by sorrow.  My self-destructive heart melts under the sun like a chocolate.

The two of us are like sunshine and rain, moon and sun, day and night. Never really meant to be together.

I just hope you left me with an explanation.

But NO..

You never really did. And so I guess, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never really uttered.

First time will always be “first time”. How I wished we could just stay on the first time, we could just keep where we first started, or we could just remain what we were like how we first  met.

When I first saw you,

I met you,

I liked you,

I got you,

But then you got bored,

and left…

Love is indeed like a cup of coffee I drink on a one dusky cold evening,

Where I can taste its sweet sensation at first, yet comprises bitterness as I go through it.

Now tell me…

How could you just make memories with someone and then walk away like nothing really happened?


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