Instant Love? Instant Good bye?

I used to write about you.

I hide everything behind words.

Just like what they say, love an artist coz you will never die… And I precisely agree. Because every piece we made for someone special will never wither or die they will forever be ponder through the work of arts we made.

But sometimes I wonder…

How would I know my value for him?

How can I not expect from someone who’s showing motives?

How can I lock this heart so I won’t get hurt?


Have you ever tried sitting on bench just observing folks around you? (She sits on a bench) I’ve been a keen observer of people for years. I just love perceiving different behavior from different people and I believe that is one of my talents. I even took pictures of random people I see. Y’know my eyes are like lens of a camera.

Then there’s this guy who captured my eyes. (A full shot of a guy walking around the park) He was wearing a plain black shirt, a denim jeans and a pair of black shoes. He’s tall, white and handsome. ‘Twas kind’a cute seeing him with an eye glasses, everything was in slow motion as he was approaching my direction.

I’d never thought destiny would make a way to help us get closer to each other. I was indeed very happy to see him smile in a close up shot. (She was imagining her first meet up with him with a wide smile) I thought I wouldn’t reach him from a far. Fortunately, destiny has been so nice to me.

‘Twas one of the most flabbergasting moments I will never forget. How we started our conversation, how we first hang out, how we enjoyed each other’s company.

Those were the moments I treasured.

Those were the moments that made me feel special.

Those were the moments that made me shuddered in delight.

I was happy…

We were happy together…

Until I started to wonder…

What’s the real score between us? He never even dares to ask me about it. He never even dares to dredge up that topic. I was also afraid to ask him first, because I still have a lil pride in me. That’s what made me feel so confused.

I didn’t want to attach myself to him without any assurance.

I didn’t want to expect much.

But I just did…

Every time I see him,

Every time we hang out,

Everything about him made me fall for him even more.

I wonder if he felt that way too… or it’s just another one-sided feeling…

“Panandaliang kilig” like what I used to hear from the younger generation.

Well… is that how they perceived things nowadays?

We started in a smooth-sailing journey together.

And now what? He left me in nowhere.

After all those happy moments together, he now has the guts to say… He’s busy with his life?

Okay I understood…

But I was still there patiently waiting for him until he cut our communications.

I know he knew that I like him. I just don’t get the point why he didn’t even bother to make a move if he’s indeed into me.

Probably… he’s not yet ready?


He just… doesn’t feel like to be in a relationship.

He just… doesn’t feel like to be committed.

He… just doesn’t like labels.

Those moments when you thought everything’s going fine between you. When you thought those fantasies could turn to reality. When you thought you could be together.

But no… coz you were never mine and I was never yours. Everything about us… just vanished into thin air.


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