Let God write your Love story

Love can be a bloodcurdling road to venture down, yet many people still love to strode on that course because

Love is  patient..

Love is kind…

It always protects..

Always trusts..

Always hopes..

Always perseveres..

Love never fails…

And even if I know I would get crash in the end, I wouldn’t bother to think twice but still get in the car with the one I love all over again because love is a combination of bitter and sweet sensation.

That even if you get hurt a million times, even if your heart got crashed shoddily , or even if you stepped on that aisle full of thorns just to be with the one you love .

Never get tired of loving, never be afraid to love and get hurt, instead continue to  shower love and forever be grateful showing the affection you feel inside because that’s how True Love works.

Falling is inevitable,  it does not appear with any warning signs. It can happen anywhere or to anyone. There may be variety of emotions and risks that love can bring but never lose hope. Each of us have different ways in protecting our hearts but hurting is inescapable. People experience all those gut-wrenching pain of a heartbreak but all of it is indispensable.  You might feel a bit of failure for now but he never fail you. The best way to find love is to find God.

You probably took all of it but didn’t work.

Then why not let  the perfect author write the best Love Story for you?

He is the perfect image of Love. His desire is to give as all the Love that can surpass Romeo and Juliet, Edward and Bella, Noah and Allie,  Ronnie and Will or whatever idea of a Love Story you have in mind.

Never have doubts about what your author is writing for you. His plans isn’t second best or average it is always the best because he doesn’t want us to settle for less. Live your life freely , with an open hand instead of a tight grip. Give him the pen and let him write your story, it will surely be amazing!

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. Take time to love God and to love yourself. And when God knows you’re ready for the responsibility of commitment , he will reveal the right person under the right circumstances.

Let him strode into your life, your heart , and everything will be perfect. God’s plan will always be greater and beautiful than your disappointments in life. You just have to trust him. 🙂


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