On a one dusky evening the clouds seemed to be in a gloomy day and anytime, soon it’ll burst into waterworks. You’ll hear each rumbling sound falling on the roof, each drop that reminds me of how I showered you my love. It wasn’t just a bantam rainfall but I created a heavy rain.  I poured all my love for you but it wasn’t enough. That’s how cruel love is; you turned each drop to frost. I can feel the cold and pain as it dampens through my body and taste the bitterness as it touches my lip. We’re on a smooth-sailing journey, happily creating moments under the rain. Until I heard a roaring thunder and it sadly hit me, right through the heart.  So the rain never stops ’til it became a storm and that’s how you ruined half of my life.
Despite of all the nasty memories I experienced in love, can’t help but still be glad that my heart is still working normally. All the pain might vanish into thin air as time goes by but it’ll leave a mark that can never be removed. I find love too cliché, it keeps repeating routines to dupe us, yet we never learn. I tried not to, but it’s bursting inside. And so I guess, no matter how I tried to cage my feelings for you it’ll always be on the hunt of finding ways to escape.  . First time will always be the sweetest, that’s why I always love reading our old conversations coz it takes me back to where we started. Those sweet memories we had may be onscreen or in personal, will always be treasured. How you put color to my gloomy days, how you put a curve to my face by being a prankster in this world full of serious folks. Those were the days when you were not yet bragging your hectic schedule on me as an excuse. But why would I demand for your time if in the first place there was never an us. While you’re too busy with work, fixing your life, here I am doing what I love, enjoying life. I just hate the feeling of being ignored, I hope I could also keep myself busy just like you, but I can’t, coz when it comes to you I always find time no matter what.  You don’t know painful it is to love someone whom you thought would love you, the way you love him. Why do we keep on falling for someone who can’t even love us back? I tried to forget you but you keep on popping in my head. The struggle is indeed real when you’re on a battle with love. It’s like gambling, you need to be very wise so you won’t lose. We may not have a happy ending now but I still believe in serendipity, maybe soon our paths will meet again. But for now I am setting my heart free, free from all the pain you’d left behind and I will learn to love myself first.  #Mitchy’sclutteredsthoughts


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