I am like a knot tangled on a grim circumstance where to bond or loosen is a choice. Deep down in my thoughts I want to get out in this muddled situation yet something’s stopping me from unraveling what I used to have. I want to untangle every links I had and free myself from everything that keeps me from doing the things I badly want to do. I want to fix each tousled cases on my own peculiar way. But how would I? If I doesn’t even know how and where to start, if I can’t even secure my thoughts from thinking all the glumness I feel within this tanked-up heart of mine.

I am like a mislaid cat looking for its path on a dusky evening. Worn-out and lost in the dark, didn’t even know where to go. My life is indeed full of conundrums I don’t even know how to fix or handle. In some way, I am a magnificent creature of God, a warrior of my own frisky mind, a clairvoyant of my own enigma. My own thought is my nemesis in this tortuous world of ours. I am chaotic, I am a mess, I am a plain slip-up of my own.


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