Our story started in the most dumbfounding way; it started as a joke hoping it will end up in a real vision. Teasing is a sign of affection and so I fell on my own jibe. I made fun everything about you which causes my heart to shudder in delight. You are my prankster in this world full of serious views. You lighten up those gloomy days by always showing your witticisms. You even give a curve in my mouth which causes to widen a smile shown all over the town. But how will I ever know what’s real and not when everything about you said has a bantam touch of jest.

Then the day came, when we ended up confessing each others feelings to the point where both no longer know what label to put on a relationship we have. I thought ‘twas clear but with those words you utter I guess everything about us is still vague. I don’t even know what to believe yet my feelings never changed. I just want us to be real, no more puns just facts. Coz the more you say it with a tad of double entendre; you cut my feelings with a blunted knife.


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