Just an ordinary girl who loves to write when she’s mad, hurt, bitter or happy . One way of expressing her emotions is through writing and that one important thing that gives color to her life is her Pen. A pen which serves as a pal to her, who sees her pain, who listens to her rants and who’s always there to comfort her. And so this time I am allowing you to take a look and know me better by  reading some of my poems/ write ups I wrote together with my pal. Enjoy reading ! :”)

Hopelessly in love


I have walked along the course

   Of these lovely flowers,

Its alluring beauty

   With different nature,

Immersed the core

   Of my peaceful heart

In a shilly-shally thought,

   I tried to picked one,

But its dazzling and bubbly color

   Slowly fade away,

As I dare to touched it,

   Countless flowers,

Too many options,

   Only one reaction

To the same query

   When will I picked, the one that fits,

To this hopeless heart of mine?



Its enticing beauty,

that every man would be awe of

Its inimitability,

That would stand out among the rest,

But its crimson color,

That would rip your heart

If you dare to flout it,

Coz every rose has its thorn…



Walkin’ along the road,

Lookin’ at the ground,

Like a mislaid cat,

Lookin’ for its path,

I dare to look up,

And saw a smile

From a distance,

I was stuck for a while

Melting like an ice,

My heart fell down,

Widens a smile

Shown all over to town,

And now he left me hanging

With the light shining,

Who was that stranger?

I just saw coming?

Lost stars


Reaching the stars above the sky,

are like vanishing visions of my tomorrow

Seeing how birds flock their wings,

is like a hope that slowly fleeing away from me

Everything is like infeasible…

A dazzling object I saw beyond

   on a dusky spectacle of my delusions

A picture of a stolen dream,

   where chances were lost and hope died

But stars do shine for those who wait, ‘till the spotlight is yours

A friend, A rival


A companion, an opponent

A green-eyed girl

Who sees things bigoted

One break, same plea

on a seat where only one is deserving

to give the best,

is the key to be preeminent

and surpass what best she can do


A Pen


An ear who listens to

A mouth who keep each words

An eye that see the blues

A pal I’ve been holding on,

through the nastiest and finest

things I’ve ever done,

a freedom wall to express yourself,

where it may lose the Oomph,

     that gives its life,

but let me replenish it,

for a paper is useless without a pen

and he cannot make my story

without your presence

Truth & lies


In a dusky place,

where nobody care,

those rowdy thoughts,

which obscures everything,

in a world where the well-heeled

is the superior,

and the skimpy are the nasty one,

where money matters

and the fact were fleece behind

untold truths and outspoken lies

where reality and deceit exist

Just a thought

A shatter mind,

A woozy eye,

Fears and qualms

Were left behind

A higgledy-piggledy

If I draw it,

But If I don’t,

It will stay



I fell, I broke, I weep

With them, yet all alone

Afraid but learned

To stand in lone,

In a world

With egoistic folks

My Nightmare

I gape, I froze and startled in nowhere,

Memories hunts me

From all the gaffes and qualms,

From all the woes you’d left behind,

You were once a bleeding wound

Stinging deep within,

Now a scar, a mark of unbearable past

I wouldn’t want to dredge up once more

Someday at the right time,

At the right path

In every NO I riposte,

There’s better yet to come,

In every rejection I gave,

Someday will drag me

At the right lane,

Patience is a virtue,

That’ll sprout a good start

In neglecting all those acts,

For I know someday, somehow

A better will come

Along the way


I ignore the bees

Hovering at my sight

I shove them

out of my way,

Someday this flower

will bloom,

Not in gloom,

But in blissful boom,

Do you ever think I’m brave?

Do you ever think I’m wise?


Just afraid to wither and di



Aim High

I dream big,

My dreams are vast,

Wanna be the best

The rest won’t ever be,

I set aside to love,

For my dreams, are of all above

I neglect those lures,

To follow the rules

I set for my goals,

Someday, somehow

I’ll give the key,

To thee


Truth hurts

‘twas a hoax of yesterday

Thought ‘twas a real love story,

A game I used to play,

Now I take it seriously,

I fell w/ my own trick,

So I was left in Crick,

Yet love has to suffer,

It’ll make you tougher




She may be shy

But eyes won’t lie

She may be meek

But she’s not weak

I’ve seen her worth

When she let me strode

Into her life

Like how I see

A simple book

In an empty room

As I take a look

At each folios

Filled w/ values

And wonders

In a world w/ full

Of wrangles



I wonder what the days will bring,

Without knowing when the phone will ring,

I wonder how our story started,

But it made me feel flustered,

I wonder why you just left me hanging,

On that one dusky Friday evening,

Wond’ring the Why’s and How’s

All the crooks and aches, you’d left behind,

‘twas then I realized , I was just teased

But it simply, made me fall for you certainly,

Though days is just worth zilch to years,

I fell on that trick, So I was left in crick…

I waited for someone to take my heart

And it seems like; you’ve had it from the start…

But we can’t just make it possible..


Tinta han ak ballpen, kamot han kalipayan

balhas han kakurian, ha kada letrra nga mahimumuo
kay tungod, ini hiya tak instrumento
pagpahibaro hit ak inaabat,
di man ak sugad ka’karit,
pero andam hit pasakit,
sugad hit tamsi , nga nahikarulupad pa..
bisan samaran mahi abot la’t kalangitan..
kay aada an paglaom nga makilal’an ,
an ak mga sinurat ha kanayunan,
pero hain na? hain na an pinagkurian?
hain na an hingyap nga mahi ngadto’t kaupayan..
hain na an rason han ak pagsurat?
hain na an nagi’n paagi hin nga pag papantasya..?

adto, gin anod ni mana yolanda.


Pukrat han mga mata,
ngisi nga abot talinga,
nan’mumula nga nawong,
nan’mumusag nga simod,
ngan nan’ngungurog nga tuhod,
amo ini, it iya pustura,
kun nakita kan manong..
san-o pa daw bubut-an hi inday
hit gugma nga iya inaabat,
nga waray man ngani hingangadtuan,
sugad-sugad hit buta,
nga di hiya mahikikit’an..

pira ka semana , an naglabay,
nanhuhupong na an mga mata ni inday,
waray intawon bumali, han sagdon han sangkay..
hain ka pa’t yana,haros magpakamatay
para la’t iya hinigugma,
buot ko, iduso ha kahanginan ,
bis magmata ngan mamuhay-puhay..
asya naman ito, it ira sinisiring nga gugma,
kalakip it pasakit..
pero, it sangkay aadi la,
andam sumapit .. kun naghihingit ka .






“Reality is enormously different from what they call Fairytale.

Sometimes I just wanna take a nap and enter in a world full of blissful thoughts.

Free from doubts, agony and hatred in life.

Rather than waking up in bed filled w/ thorns.”







I shut the windows and only darkness could ever be seen. As I strode along its endless path of nowhere, a light shone loomed out of the dark. And so I started living on my own reveries, where life is as easy as how one perceives it.


”I like to take a nap throughout the day, where only in dream land could make things possible.”







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