Love is like a gravity, which causes things to drop erratically. The more you toss it away, the more it falls. Despite of the pleasure it gives, it is a canister filled of blissful and excruciating memories. Stuck in a place where nobody wants to dredge up those throbbing past.

Love is playful. It is a game of rash and wise folks. Foolish hearts are those who waste their time and effort innocently trusting trashy people. Who let their own minds and hearts be dupe by those sweet-smelling words they hear. I wonder what kind of spell do they cast to these feeble individuals. Who think love is an oxygen that can make their lives alive and kicking, that without it, they would all die. Being in love, doesn’t mean you have to give it all. When you enter into the kingdom of love, you have to be sensible, never put yourself into a low level person.

I wonder why people are thirsty in love, why they’re all in a rush in finding the right one which leads them to the wrong track. There are a lot of questions, clarifications and confusions I so long to be answered. Coz on my own perception, when you fall takes your brain with you, if you cry you have both hands to wipe away those tears and feet to stand once more and if you’re left behind never run after him, he’s not a cat you’re not a dog. Humans should act as they are, and we all have wits we can use for, we are rational being. Emotion is just caused by the situation you are in but if you get too attached, you’ll loss. Remember love is a game so never find a way of losing.

On the other hand, relationships fail because they do not accept the flaws of each other. In that case nothing stays forever they will never be contented for what you are, and they will always be in the hunt for a perfect person or perfect relationship. So what’s the point of being in a long term relationship if you’ll end up breakin’ up…Short term happiness ? You’ll be happier to be with your family and friends. It is where forever exists. Instead of being one of the chumps, be that person who’ll never let any worthless guy step on you. You’re too precious to be dumped off. You just have to be very careful in playing the game. Nowadays, I can already count those who are seriously madly deeply in love with.

And one more thing, never apologize for having high standards because people who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet you.


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