”Love those who love you when you have nothing to offer but your company”



Filled w/ qualms and mourns as I open my eyes, muddled thoughts where mental state and emotional concerns are tangled together. Everyone just vanished into thin air, I weep; I sob, and sniff back the tears. I wonder why people don’t stay where they are. I was left wrecked in despair and loss. So I tried to stand in the lone and accept what those thoughts whispers, what the soul yelps for and what reality taught me. Not all people you want to be by your side yearns to stay to, sometimes you’re just an option when they’re alone and bored. I tend to create some fuss and bullshits in life so they would all notice my existence. And I was right! They’ll always see those gaffes and flaws rather than the good side. They may have eyes to see, but are blind to grasp the truth behind those things visible.

When people die, they don’t just die. They’re remembered, not by the bad things one had done but those good deeds will dredge up and a pang of guilt will surely slap you from within. You’ll know my worth if I no longer exist in this big and complicated world, full of sham and ostentatious folks. And you’ll surely regret every second in every minute that you ignored me. You will. Yes. You will. J



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