Kbox is a recording studio for local artists, owned and managed by Architect Kendel Esperas. It started as a rehearsal studio exclusively for his rock band, Kwadro. Until ‘twas open to public on April 2011, his love for music made its way to build his own recording studio and enable those local artists to show their talents in music through Kbox. The business created its own name and was recognized through the years. Despite of the devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Kbox didn’t give up on continuing their desire to motivate those local artists in showing their talents. Through this, it incites them to revitalize the local music industry making it better, fresher and vibrant.



Hence, rebuilding the new home for local artists now added a new color to what Kbox used to be. Now it is not just a recording studio for local artists but an Art Gallery Café open to everyone who would love to relax and feel at home. Everyone would be fascinated to see great artworks around the structure from a well-known local artist Dante Enage and Steve Acerden. Truly, it is not just a mere recording studio or an art gallery café but it is a home for talented folks who would want to grow and improve in their own flairs. Kbox wants to promote the identity of Tacloban because Taclobanons excel in so many ways. And we have to identify these individuals and let the younger generation know that we actually have these kinds of people here.



Kbox also handle free workshops to inspire more upcoming new breed of artists such as writing workshops, painting workshops, film workshops and a lot more. Aside from this, they also have other activities open to everyone like On-the-spot sketching and open mic poetry reading which allows young individuals to express their emotions in an artistic way. They sell DND Guitars as well, for those people who are into music. It is not just about art and music they also offer delicious food and drink that will make you forget your names once you taste it.



Kbox have their own way in giving back and sharing whatever they have to inspire and promote these local talents. A good opportunity for talented Taclobanons who would want to grow as they involve themselves into activities that will make them better in the future instead of doing things that might harm them. Anyone who is willing to showcase their talents or willing to learn is all invited to visit Kbox. A new home for local artists and art enthusiasts is back to lighten up your gloomy days. It is indeed great to see people supporting each other, in spite of all the struggles that had occur. But there is always rainbow after the rain and Kbox team knew that there is always hope.



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