Friendship fun & trouble: journey with the real ones

Walking with friends in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. When I’m ask what one happy thought is, I always say that no matter how big the fight is, I will always have my best friends. The one who will stay with me when the rest of the world walks out, who’ll stab me in the front, and who’ll walk with me instead of riding on a cab. We were once a stranger but our feet brought us here together. And as our journey starts, the fun, enjoyment, conflicts, craziness, and unity, will never be forgotten.


I maybe snobbish, bitchy, immature, and spoiled brat, but these people never hates me. Instead, they accept me for who I am, love me for what I am, and even forgive me for the sins I’d done million times. That’s how patient, understanding, loving, and caring they are. They let me do the things I’d never done before, I laugh at them, do crazy stuff with them, even to lie with my parents just to be with them. They’d been my handkerchief, pillow, and a hand to lean on when I’m in pain. They’re like my older sisters and brother, they taught me from my mistakes, they brought color to my dusky life, and they’re the reason why I’m enjoying my life on this earth.




But things would be boring without conflicts; I remember a funny moment when I got jealous to a friend. This sounds immature, but I really hate her when she got all the attention and it feels like she’s taking everything away from me. Those things that I thought was mine and those people I thought I owned. And so, I ignored her for how many days, actually I don’t want to hate her but there’s something in my mind that kept saying: “you should hate her, she’s a bitch.. She’s taking everything away from you”. That’s how my mind works, I was jealous, insecure, and my heart was full of hatred that time. Until, my friends decided to fix everything between us. And that was the day, I realized I was so wrong, I was egocentric, and envious didn’t even think that my friends were already affected by my selfishness. I feel like I’m a trouble maker, since that was not just the first time. But we all learn from our mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with second chances. After all, I’m so lucky to have a friend like them, despite of my bitchy attitude; they’re someone who’ll give you freedom to be yourself.

The fun and trouble that we experienced during the past few years, were all worth it and unforgettable. Great experiences that we may share when we get old; spending the rest of our days with the real one is such a great pleasure to be treasure. Because great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.3.jpg




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