I don’t think it’s still the same feeling the first time I met you. The day you said you like me too was one of the most flabbergasting moment of my life. I have to admit, that sometimes I get confused about your feelings towards me. If you’re indeed into me, why not make a move… I don’t have any assurance in this kind of situation. You’re my ideal man, so I was willing to wait even if it takes too long. I don’t see myself committed in a relationship to some other man. I even ignored those guys who exerted so much effort in me. My attention was so focused to the man… That even if he doesn’t exert too much effort on me, is still the same person I badly want to be with. I’ve been too loyal to the man; I don’t see and communicate every day. I was just patiently waiting for your text messages or chat on Facebook. I even get jealous if I read some of your friends comments on your Facebook status teasing you to other girls. I know it’s normal to admire other girls aside from me. But it’s no longer the same feeling I used to have a long time ago. Every time I am ignored by your presence, you cut my feeling with a blunted knife. If you can’t take good care of this foolish heart of mine, just don’t show some motives as if you’re still into me. I don’t wanna get crushed, and I have to admit… loving you is such a tiring thing to do. I kept myself busy, I hang out with other guys, I even started to ignore you and cut our communications. I know, you know, that the way I treated has changed. But right now, after going out on a date with someone else. How I wish it should be you. They maybe wondr’ng, why I stayed single for a very long time despite of those bees hovering at my sight. I

I’m not saying I don’t have feelings for you anymore but all I wanted you to know is… maybe we need space. So don’t be surprise if I cut our communications for a while.


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