“Choosing the Best, Among the Rest

Friendship is all about trusting each other, helping each other, loving each other, and being crazy together. She looks out for you, inspires you, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you, and walks with you, that’s what a friend is. We may meet a lot of people as we go through, but in this big and complicated world we might be fooled by those people who wear masks. Those people, who show their good side when they’re in front of you, but stab you at your back. So, how will you know that you’re hanging out with the real one?

10 tips to know if someone is a real friend:

  1. Get to know that person first before giving your trust.
  2. Pay attention to your comfort level. You will notice that you’re with a real friend if she listens to your problems and feel you at ease.
  3. Who’ll always be there for you. If you’re in the middle of crisis or difficulty, she’ll never leave you, however she’ll be more willing to help you solve the problem you are facing right now.
  4. A real friend stabs you in the front, but never spread rumors about you.
  5. The one who talks to you frankly. Like if you asked her “do I look pretty with this dress? Or am I going to change this?” if she said “yes” but you really don’t look nice with it, then she’s not the right friend for you. A real friend tells the truth no matter how hurtful it is.
  6. A real friend get jealous, when you’re getting close to someone, or when it seems like you’re having fun hanging out with other people.
  7. Consider how you insult each other. A real friend never gets offended by insulting each other. If you insult your friend in a playful way, she should know that you’re not serious, this comes under trust.
  8. Sharing secrets. It may sound childish, but a true friend sees you as a trustworthy person and shares personal information with you. Like sharing experiences about their love life or past relationships.
  9. Misunderstandings. A true friend will both admit fault and ask for forgiveness. But receiving forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be perfect between you and back to normal. Trust has to be rebuilt slowly, but a real friend won’t continue to bring up your mistakes at every opportunity.
  10. You’ve borrowed each others stuff that normal acquaintances probably wouldn’t share.
  11. There are silences, but they don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable or awkward. If you can sit down and shut up with a person, never feeling obligated to fill that hushed void, you’ve got a special connection.

A true friend is someone who can accompany you on the journey to personal growth. Someone who just agrees with everything you say or makes you feel inadequate isn’t going to help you reach your potential.


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